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About Sport Reisinger

Long before Sport-Reisinger launched its own ball production in 1992, the "Reisinger Balls" could be found in almost all ball cases - developed according to the ideas, considerations and more than 25 years of experience of the company owner. For who does not know the Reisinger 100, 200, 300 ..., the first tiered ball series with the same weight, the same hardness but graded jump height. The company motto is: class instead of mass. That is, high quality ball material for competitive sports. But also for hobby golfers are low-priced series, some discontinued series, in the delivery program. In the foreground stands the continuous improvement of the working techniques in the recipe development, the grinding, the lacquering, but also the optimization of the raw materials used for the production. In this endeavor, the young, innovative company wants to become one of the best in the market, and the growing popularity of the balls shows that the paths are pointing in this direction. The fact that expert advice on the possible uses of balls at Sport-Reisinger is a matter of course, is welcomed and appreciated by all sides. But to be able to do that requires feedback from the market, ie the experience of top players with new balls. Broadly, balls are provided for testing, and the results of the tests are then incorporated into development and processing. (From: Bahnengolfer)

New products 

In the development of our new products, we always put a lot of effort, and we are convinced that you will be delighted with our new products.
Did you know that our novelties are co-developed by the world's best players? In addition to World-, European and national champions, our innovations are decisively shaped by the players of the multiple European Cup winner Hardenberg-Pötter.